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fair warning: most of these pages aren't styled fully yet (including this one) and will take a while to get fully decorated. my home computer, with all of my art software on it, just broke so things are gonna take a while to get up and running.

my interests are touhou, undertale/deltarune, music (composing), political theory, ttrpgs (particularly the creation of systems), conlanging, coffee, and art of all kinds. i like making my own methods for music and have been considering learning to build synthesizers. i'm also getting more into writing, but it's not a super high priority interest of mine.

i make (mostly) experimenal music and use my own methods as often as possible. lately i've been delving into music theory a lot more, so my music may change a bit.

I'm an anarchist and have heavy interest in a free internet and advertisement-free world

you can check out my music on the left sidebar or play some select songs from this site

i upload stuff to my soundcloud that i can't upload to bandcamp, remixes and the like. my bandcamp is all original

i've begun a series where i write fictional cryptids, rituals, and mysteries where i attempt to capture the feeling of roaming around at night as a child/2010s creepypasta era stuff, it's in the "writing" tab on the left sidebar

If you want to read some of my political essays, you can head to the "flip the mood" section of the "writing" tab. There's always an archive of previous essays and a comment section at the bottom of the page

NOTE: SITE NEEDS TO BE RESCALED ON 1920x1080 MONITORS. I designed this on my laptop, which has a higher resolution screen, so it may break!

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